Borrowing Money Safely

Differences Between Secured and Unsecured LoansInitial Report:  The CU reported net income of $7,071 for the first half of 2012.  This is more than three times their net income for all of 2011.  However, is nearly identical to last year when they had very strong earnings through the first half.   It remains to be seen if net income declines for the last half of the year, as it did in 2011.  The credit union does not appear to be accruing for the TCCU Stabilization Expense; therefore, net income will take a hit of roughly $2k during the third quarter.  Compared to this time last year, the net worth ratio is 8 basis points higher.  The CU reports no delinquency or charge-offs, which is typical for them.  The CU still reports low yields on loans, investments, and fees at 6.95%, 0.48%, and 0.05%, respectively.  However, their operating expense to asset ratio is so low (1.57%) that they can be profitable even with little gross income.  While their yield on investments is still low, it nearly doubled from 0.25% to 0.48%; this could signal the CU went longer term on one or more investments which matured.  They are 42% loaned out and they have very strong liquidity at 54%.

Different Ways To Borrow MoneySecondary Report:  No negative risk parameters were exceeded, but two red flag parameters were exceeded: delinquency and charge-offs at 0.00%.   Reportable delinquency is likely correctly reported as 0%; they only have $54k in non-reportable delinquency.  Also, it is typical for them not to have any charge-offs due to the small size of their loan portfolio, so this figure is likely correctly stated as well.  You need to understand what the difference between secured and unsecured loans are.  You also need to understand the different ways to borrow money.  If you are thinking “I need to borrow” right now, then this is the site for you.

I Need To Borrow MoneyTertiary Report:  Quarterly FPR/RR.  The examiners recently completed their field work for the 2012 exam.  This exam will be reviewed once uploaded.  They determined that the secured and unsecured loans do not have proper loan-to-value (LTV ratios), and the members do not provide income verification.  Because of that, it is difficult to calculate the debt ratio for each of the loans.  Important underwriting factors include the: LTV ratio, debt ratio, credit score, income, etc.

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We are a group of Malaysians scattered around the globe coming together to make this place a great place for Malaysians living abroad to “borak and lepak”

We are proud to present to you our new site, Malaysians Abroad. We were previously known as Malaysians in Scandinavia. We have ceased the site and its forum because we realized that our members are not only from Scandinavia but as well as other parts of the world. What makes this a even better place to hangout is because our fellow Malaysians who lives in Malaysia are also here to provide us with the latest info about our home country. Practically to give us their support.

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We are now open to all Malaysians residing abroad (as well as the ones living in Malaysia and non-Malaysians) and with the same mission, to bridge all Malaysians living abroad through one channel. It’s a delightful experience to be able to communicate with other Malaysians who are living on the other side of the world and who share the same dilemma of living in a foreign land. It is such a comfort to learn that we are not alone in adapting ourselves to a new country and language. Nevertheless, through their support and encouragement, we make our life a greater one.

The Malaysians Abroad website and forum designed to meet the needs of Malaysians living abroad, who are longing to keep in touch with other Malaysians. Members of MA will find equal opportunities in learning from each other. Simultaneously, proposing an opportunity to allow us to know each other better by sharing, discussing and interacting in the forum.

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What We Have Learned

As Malaysians, if there’s one thing we are, it’s smart about how we spend our money.  It’s not necessarily being cheap or thrift, it’s spending money WISELY.  When most of us moved to other countries, like the United States of America for instance, we were shocked when we saw the huge price to watch TV, especially high-definition TV.  Most of us thought our choices were either to shell out a huge portion of our paychecks to get a satellite signal or cable coverage.  The truth is, there are other options out there; in fact, there are many alternatives to cable.  For example, you can purchase an attic antenna.  You can get high defintion picture and crystal clear sound out of an attic antenna or other type of antenna.  If you don’t belive me, check this out:  If you are interested in buying an antenna, you should learn about the different types of antennas: e.g. indoor antennas, attic antennas, outdoor antennas, omni antennas, and directional antennas.  The most reasonable choice for most Malaysians (and people in general) is a medium directional antenna.  The great thing about this type of antenna is that it is very effective, yet it is not too big.  You won’t have to spend a significant amount on this type of antenna, nor will you have to tear apart your house, nor have a huge ugly looking metal contraption on the top of your house/condo/apartment.  Modern antennas are pretty sleek, some people might even call them stylish.  For more information about medium directional antennas, or any antennas for that matter, visit:

 There are also many other streaming devices or other online services you can used to watch HDTV, so make sure to cut the cord and start enjoying free TV, or at least TV which is significantly cheaper than what you are accustomed to paying!  For more information about cutting the cord go here:  Otherwise, to learn about cable/satellite alternatives in general, click here:

What Else We Have Learned

We have also learned that you can get free satellite on your computer (which you can then output to a TV) via Satellite Direct.  Technically it’s not free…there is a small one-time charge, but after that, there is no additional monthly charge for service.  You simply have to download and install their software and you are good to go.  There are literally hundreds of channels to choose from.  You won’t go board whatsoever.  So do yo yourself a favor, and start watching Satellite Direct!!!  Check it out at: